nails + wax + makeup

Spago Manicure – $20

An exceptional addition to any day with us, this treat will make even the neediest hands beautiful.

Spago Gel Manicure – $35

A gel based product is applied in several coats then cured with a UV lamp, can last up to 14 days.

Deluxe Spa Manicure - $35

Our most luxurious hand and nail treatment. This manicure incorporates added benefits such as greater exfoliation and a special mask with hot towels for incredibly moisturized hands, cuticles and nails. Your hands have never felt softer.

Express Pedicure - $30

An express pedicure is a quicker option for those pressed for time or looking for less of a foot treatment and are happy with just having their toenails treated. We briefly soak for toes and feet then shape and file of your toenails and finish with color of your choice!

Spago Pedicure – $45

Pamper yourself with a foot refresher. Leave feeling good from head to toe. Our signature pedicure pampers your feet with all the basics and more! We add a calming mask to sooth your soles before the massage and polish.

Detox Lemon Quench Pedicure - $55

Relax your feet and sense with a pedicure that offers pure detoxification. We use fresh lemons, Himalayan salt scrub and pure essential oils followed with a lemon souffle massage. 

Deluxe Jelly Spa Pedicure - $55

The highlight of this fun foot treatment is the gelatin-like footbath, which provides the ultimate SPA Pedicure experience for relaxation using heat therapy to sooth tired aching feet and legs. The aloe vera based jelly exfoliates and opens pores to detoxify and hydrate skin while providing relaxing aromatherapy unlike a regular salt or mineral soak.  Choose from Rose, Lavender or Green Tea. 

French Polish – $10

This timeless polish traditionally has a white tip with a natural nail but we will be happy to customize any color scheme you want.

Nail Art – $10

Sculpted Gel Nails - Full Set $55 - Full Set Pink+White $65 - Fills $35

Artificial nails created by “sculpting” gel over the underlying natural nail or on a nail form or an artificial tip. We can also use pink and white gel for a permanent French manicure without the use of polish.


Eyebrows – $15

Lip – $12

Chin – $12

Full Face – $40

Underarms – $25

Bikini – $30

Half Leg (knee down) – $40

Full leg (no bikini) – $65

Full leg (with bikini) – $85

Men’s back – $50

Men’s chest – $40

Men’s stomach – $40

Half Arms – $35

Full Arms – $45

Hair Removal

Dermablading  – $35

A form of exfoliation that removes surface skin cells along with Vellus hair. This treatment causes no adverse inflammation in the skin and leaves the skin extraordinarily smooth and hair free.

Make Up

Eye Brow Tinting – $15

Eye Lash Tinting – $25

Eye Lash Extension - Fullset $175 - 2 week fill $75 - 3 week $90

Eye Lash Lift - $90 - Eye lash lift is like a perm for your lashes. Lash lift sets the shape of your natural lashes with an upward and realistic curl.

Permanent Make Up

Permanent Makeup is cosmetic tattooing, a specialized form of micro-pigmentation for the facial and areola area. When aging takes place we lose the sharp contrast and definition of our facial features. Using permanent cosmetics helps to erase years from your face. It brings back the contrast and definition you had when you were younger.

Permanent Makeup is the art and science of implanting micro-pigment through the epidermal layer of the skin into the upper dermal layer of the skin by way of an electric pen. Our goal is to work with you to provide the look you want while maintaining a natural look as possible. For the brows we do hair strokes; for the lips we can do just liner or fade in the whole lip area to make beautiful full looking lips. Eye liner is done in a straight line. You can choose from black, chocolate brown, blue or sage green. As for the areola area we mix the pigment to be as close to your natural color as possible.

Brows – $350 and up

Liner, Top – $200 and up

Liner, Bottom – $200 and up

Liner, Top & Bottom – $350 and up

Lips – $400 and up

Retouch – $150 and up