Pellevé is the most significant advance in nonsurgical skin tightening available.

I have depended on Pellevé both personally and for my patients for over 9 years. I have taught my special, highly effective technique across the USA, and worldwide. Using continuous, high frequency, radio wave energy (RF), Pellevé generates heat in the skin, which causes it to contract. Aging and sun damage cause the collagen in the skin to become less dense and less tightly bound. Fibrous bands that hold your skin firmly to the muscle also weaken, causing the skin to lose definition and sag. Pellevé heats the collagen to a point that it can release and re-contract during the healing process deep in the skin, resulting in tighter skin without pain.

How does it work? Pellevé delivers constant, gradual energy, causing heat to build up where the skin and fat layer come together. The increasing heat near the skin’s surface denatures, or modifies, the collagen protein bundles, causing them to contract horizontally. This results in denser, tighter skin. The increasing heat in the deeper layer contracts the fibrous bands that run through the fat layer and pull the skin closer to the underlying muscle, causing vertical contraction. The skin is then rapidly cooled to force further contraction. The key is to deliver the amount of energy it takes to trigger maximal contraction for each individual patient, as opposed to a predetermined, fixed dose of pulses. The continuos delivery is painless as compared to pulses of painful energy that allows as many repeated passes as needed in each individual patient to an effective dose and outcome over time. My technique incorporates all of the secret touches you’d expect from the US innovator of this procedure. There is no downtime and, depending on age, 1-3 sessions 6-8 weeks apart are needed to get results I’ve personally seen last years.

How much does it cost? Once Dr. Stampar has had the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your case he will supply a full estimate of fees for your proposed procedure so that you know all your facts and figures – medical and financial – before you make your decision. In general, each section, forehead, middle face, and neck are $500 per session per area with a full face procedure discounted from $1500 to $1200. In most cases different areas may require fewer sessions than others.

Pellevé + Dysport™ or Botox®

Pellevé when used with Dysport™ or Botox® produces some amazing results by not allowing you to “wrinkle my work" with no downtime and no pain. The Dysport™ is given a week before the procedure to immobilize the forehead or smile line’s, “Crow’s feet”, so healing and collagen formation isn’t disrupted with movement. Some of these innovations are “off label” but safe and effective in my hands for almost a decade.