december specials

+ Purchase 2 sections of Pelleve at $1000 and receive $75 off a HydraFacial intro $179

+ Buy a series of 3 Intensive MicroNeedling for $999… savings of $201

+ Purchase 2 areas of Dysport (100 units) and receive a one hour Swedish Massage….$70 Value

+ 15% off any CoolSculpting treatment!

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Enjoy an essential oil one hour Swedish massage including a relaxing Bergamont & wild orange foot scrub…..$85

Bergamont essential oil offers a rich and slightly bitter-sweet aroma that can be very emotionally uplifting. This oil can be diffused throughout the home or workspace to help reduce stress and nervous tension, as well as muscle and joint pain. It can also be very soothing to the skin when applied topically.


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Product of the Month:

Bergamont Essential Oil 15% off

Try our new services at special prices…

+ The Perfect Peel can improve the overall tone and texture of your skin, lighten and brighten your skin, remove or reduce sun damage and age spots, reduce pore size and soften fine lines and wrinkles, reduce or eliminate hyperpigmentation and acne scars, improve acne skin conditions and melasma, stimulate the production of collagen resulting in firmer skin, slow down the ageing process and help prevent wrinkles $250 intro $225

+ HydraFacial…..How it works! Cleanse + Peel uncover a new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing. Extract + Hydrate Remove debris from pores with painless suction. Nourish with intense moisturizers that quench skin. Fuse + Protect Saturate teh skin’s surface with antioxidants and peptides to maximize your glow. $199 intro $179

Dr. Stampar's Skin Care Tip of the Month:

Remember retinols are to be used at night as they are sun sensitive. Be sure to wash your face before applying sunscreen in the morning.