Wellness Treatments 

AromaTouch Therapeutic Massage

This specialty treatment begins with an essential oil application to the back, neck and feet combined with Swedish massage techniques to create an overall wellness experience. Each essential oil in this technique is selected for its individual aromatic properties, leaving you with a true sense of peace and harmony. 60 minutes $90 or 90 minutes. $140

Body Glow

An invigorating, exfoliated sea-salt body scrub that leaves you feeling healthy, refreshed and smooth. 45min $85


A pressure point technique performed on the feet, based on ancient tradition and the principal of energy zones that run through the body. 30 min $45

Ear Candling

There are many different ways to remove ear wax, but ear candling, which is sometimes called ear coning, is one of the oldest practices world-wide to get rid of excess wax.  If you have a sense of fullness or have difficulty hearing on occasion you may need to remove a buildup of wax. Ear candling is a practice in which a hollow candle is inserted into the external auditory canal and lit, while you relax on our warm spa table, the combination of heat and suction gently and safely remove unwanted earwax into the hollow cone. 30 min $30